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 LSW f Blean2019x256pxLesser Spotted Woodpecker (female)

Great Spotted WoodpeckerGreat Spotted Woodpecker © Tom Speller

Green WoodpeckersGreen Woodpeckers © Andrew Moon

Spotlight Woodpeckers GormanSpotlight Woodpeckers - an excellent book and introduction to UK woodpeckers by expert guide Gerard Gorman, 

Full details and a review of the book here

Latest news

We are excited to let you know of this new job at RSPB

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker research assistant.

Woodpecker Network is supporting a new research project at RSPB aimed at identifying whether breeding success of Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers is limited by food supply, by providing supplementary food and monitoring nest outcomes. The RSPB is looking for someone with good organisational, communications and practical fieldwork skills to support the project.

Bars and Spots- varying fortunes of our British woodpeckers

Ken Smith, the UK's leading woodpecker expert, considers the decrease in Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers compared with the rise of Great Spotted Woodpeckers in an on-line talk for British Ornithologists Club (BOC) now available on YouTube – ,    

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