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 LSW f Blean2019x256pxLesser Spotted Woodpecker (female)

Great Spotted WoodpeckerGreat Spotted Woodpecker © Tom Speller

Green WoodpeckersGreen Woodpeckers © Andrew Moon

Spotlight Woodpeckers GormanSpotlight Woodpeckers - an excellent book and introduction to UK woodpeckers by expert guide Gerard Gorman, 

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Latest news

Here are some tips for finding and monitoring woodpecker nests, especially Lesser Spots based on the experiences of our volunteers.
Go to an area where you saw or heard LSW earlier in the year. Spend time in the area and:

Thanks to all LesserSpotNet volunteers who have been searching for LSW breeding territories and nests as part of our project.
We are now (late April) coming to the end of the peak period of detectability when birds can be found by their calls and drumming. Even during this period, the birds are by no means easy. As our volunteers will know well.
The good news – observers in Devon, the New Forest, Norfolk and Sussex have found Lesser Spots excavating nesting cavities and some look ready for the female to lay eggs.

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