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We are excited to let you know of this new job at RSPB

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker research assistant.

Woodpecker Network is supporting a new research project at RSPB aimed at identifying whether breeding success of Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers is limited by food supply, by providing supplementary food and monitoring nest outcomes. The RSPB is looking for someone with good organisational, communications and practical fieldwork skills to support the project.

Bars and Spots- varying fortunes of our British woodpeckers

Ken Smith, the UK's leading woodpecker expert, considers the decrease in Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers compared with the rise of Great Spotted Woodpeckers in an on-line talk for British Ornithologists Club (BOC) now available on YouTube – ,    

Woodpecker Network volunteers, Ken Smith, Linda Smith and Rob Clements, have made a new estimate of the numbers of Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers in England and Wales in the journal British Birds. And the answer is ....

Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers are feeding young.
As of 23 May, LesserSpotNetwork volunteers are monitoring 6 active nests with the first young due to fledge this week and the others over the next couple of weeks. So this the last chance to find a nest this year. If you found birds earlier in the season, please revisit the area and watch for adults bringing food to the young, they may lead you to find the nest.

Exciting news – we have reports of 19 active Lesser Spot nests, the most ever at this stage of the breeding season.

LSW RichardJacobs leftcolLesser Spotted Woodpecker by Richard Jacobs 2019 LSW TimPreston 256Lesser Spotted Woodpecker © Tim Preston

Don't confuse juvenile Great Spotted Woodpeckers with male Lesser Spots - they both have red caps!

Dont confuse your woodpeckers

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