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If you would like to help with this project of have a general enquiry about woodpeckers in the UK, please use the form below or contact us using the details shown on the right.

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 LSW f Blean2019x256pxLesser Spotted Woodpecker (female)

Great Spotted WoodpeckerGreat Spotted Woodpecker © Tom Speller

Green WoodpeckersGreen Woodpeckers © Andrew Moon

Spotlight Woodpeckers GormanSpotlight Woodpeckers - an excellent book and introduction to UK woodpeckers by expert guide Gerard Gorman, 

Full details and a review of the book here

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Ken and Linda Smith are based in Chichester, West Sussex.

Gus Robin is based in Somerset.

You may contact us by phone on 07815 456280 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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